Screen Printed t-shirts is our most popular request here at Icon Printing. Not only are the results long lasting, screen printing is also the most cost effect way of printing large quantity of garments.



One very popular item we often find ourselves customising, is the trusty tote bag. We are based in Shoreditch, east London – and in this area you can’t walk two minutes down the road without seeing one dash past you. Londoners love them. That’s why they make such great promotional items, merch and give-aways. For high volume orders, getting your tote bags screen printed would be your best bet and they will last super well. For more of a promotional ‘hand out’ bag, totes that are digitally Direct to Garment printed are a fantastic option.


Here’s an example of a DTG printed canvas tote…

digital Direct to Garment Printed canvas Tote bag


We printed these natural canvas tote bags the other week for the Courtauld Institute Of Art, they were designed by Bullet Creative. These were digitally Direct to Garment printed and as you can see, this particular print technique has handled reproducing this “painting style” image really well. Even though canvas tote bags often do have a slight texture to them, DTG printing can still adhere to this particular surface very nicely, with the full colour artwork not suffering at all.

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screen printed t-shirt ideas and themes

We recently stumbled across these brilliant t-shirts by The and couldn’t help but love them. They sort of speak for themselves – but what really impressed us is that they’re so simple, yet very witty and very clever. It just shows you don’t have to think up long-winded, elaborate designs in order to create successful artwork for t-shirts.

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Last year, bimonthly visual culture and design magazine Print, invited 12 leading visual artists to choose a cause they would like to support and create a design for tote bags that would then be sold on One hundred percent of the profits from these bags went to the causes chosen by the artists.

printed tote bag

The artists included in this project were:
Spin for Bone Cancer Research UK
Laurent Fetis for The World Wildlife Fund
James Joyce for Save the Children
Geoff McFetridge for Gabriella Charter School
Atélier Telescopique for Fondation de France
Sawdust for the British Heart Foundation

printed tote bag example

One design we found resonated with us in particular was created by Atélier Telescopique for Fondation de France. This organisation helps individuals and companies who wish to be involved in philanthropy by enabling them to create their own foundations under its aegis. They set up action programs in many areas – including education, medical and scientific research, culture, and the environment.

The tote bag design concept –

“This design is directly inspired by the tote-bag material. We called this model ‘Wild Canvas,’ and we chose to use an embroidery technique to print the pattern on the canvas. We do not really know why, but the tiger is certainly one of the most re-produced patterns on embroidered canvas! This tiger is a symbol for the environment and ecology.”

It’s nice see a concept for an embroidery based tote, as opposed to a typical screen print. Both these processes are just as impactful, but embroidery often denotes a slightly more professional, corporate feel.

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One of London’s leading art centers The Barbican, launched their Bauhaus “Life as Art” exhibition this month. This is the largest exhibition related to the famous art school the UK has seen in over 40 years. This collection of works feature a rich array of painting, sculpture, design, architecture, film, photography, textiles, ceramics, theatre and installation.

To compliment the exhibition a number of related collectables – or “inspired by” items have been created, in celebration of the launch. Creative consultancy Patternity have produced these “unique art pieces for the legs” – well, beautifully hand screen printed tights to be precise, that reflect the Bauhaus aesthetic. They are a collective driven by the certainty that pattern is everywhere; from the mundane to the magnificent, much like the minds of the Bauhaus movement.

pattern tights

From expressionist beginnings to a pioneering model uniting art and technology, this London exhibition presents the Bauhaus’ utopian vision to change society in the aftermath of the First World War. Bauhaus: Art as Life explores the diverse artistic production that made up its turbulent fourteen-year history and delves into the subjects at the heart of the school: art, culture, life, politics and society, and the changing technology of the age.

super cool bauhaus printed tote bag

Another group of creatives who are also inspired by the works of Bauhaus, go by the name – or rather, statement “MY BAUHAUS IS BETTER THAN YOURS”. Their website reflects their quirky, experimental nature and stylistic sensitivity, but there is also an element of fun thrown in there too. An obvious hit with us at Icon Printing, was their statement screen printed canvas tote bag. Nice work all round!

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amazing screen printed tote bags by Alphabet bags

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Aren’t these printed totes by Alphabet Bags great?* Simple, bold graphics printed onto canvas tote bags make fantastic promotional hand-outs or gifts.

This kind of product also makes a great online seller for web based boutiques. Get in touch to find out how little it costs to print onto these bags. We can screen print, use DTG printing or transfer print, we have something for every budget.

Plus it’s free UK delivery on all orders over £100! Get in touch for more direct to garment printing info.

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* PLEASE NOTE: These tote bags by Alphabet Bags are NOT purchased from, or printed by Icon Printing.



We recently had the pleasure of screen printing a run of T-shirts for the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. This Trust is the world’s leading charity in promoting the works, life and times of William Shakespeare, offering unique Shakespeare centered experiences.

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust screen printed t-shirts

This design was a 4 colour screen print, printed on a red crew neck, for an event celebrating Shakespeare’s birthday. Below, we’ve got a few snaps of the T-shirts in action – don’t they all look great in them!

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust screen printed t-shirts group shot

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Every once in a while a T-shirt line suddenly appears and proceeds to take the fashion world by storm. This is exactly what happened with the Dutch luxury, printed T-shirt brand Zoe Karssen a mere 18 months ago. The label is a creative partnership between Quince and Zoe Karssen, built on the foundations of cool, easy to wear fashion with a playful, rock n roll twist. The collection channels laid back chic and is an obvious hit.

screen printed t-shirt

I personally first came across the brand six months ago whilst on a trip to the ‘t-shirt capital’ that is Australia – well, they have the weather for it! I was enjoying a stroll down the very cool Chapel Street in Melbourne, when I came across a T-Shirt only boutique, called Black Books. Their selection of Karssen tees took pride of place along one wall, and it was love at first sight. Not only was I drawn to their irresistibly understated tongue-in-cheek slogans and bold imagery, but the detail that came with it – even though they initially seemed so low-key and well…simple.

screen printed t-shirt

There was the topstitching details, unfinished edges and drop hems to the reverse of some, the pared down colour pallet and my favourite touch – the use of screen printing on the front inside of the garment. This gave a wonderful subtle, almost preworn look to the designs. Each design felt different, carrying its own selection of quirks with it. I had great difficulty in whittling my choices down and not immediately walking out with every single style they had.

screen printed t-shirt

screen printed t-shirt

screen printed t-shirt

screen printed t-shirt

It’s no wonder they’ve been picked up by big retailers like Liberty, Net-a-Porter and Harrods. The collection delivers a healthy injection of super-cool “I just threw this on” to any outfit.

We were excited to have helped Anya Hindmarch at London Fashion Week a couple of weeks ago. Anya is one of the most beloved handbag designers in the World, adored by style gurus from Madonna to Angelina Jolie, Kate Moss and Kate Middleton.

Anya Hindmarch screen printed t-shirts