But not as we know it. Social Networking isn’t anything new, but how we utilise it on a daily basis is constantly evolving. Does your 140 word limit on Twitter feel too restrictive today? Well now you can be as “statement” as you want without moving a muscle. We’ve found a selection of intriguing items to adorn yourselves with – it’s like a Facebook and Twitter gift shop out there! Here are some of our favourites…

Obviously we find ourselves gravitating towards the printed t-shirt. At Icon Printing don’t go a day without coming in contact with one! Much like our various social media accounts or “outlets” – which they fundamentally are, the statement t-shirt is also a medium for self-expression.

Social Networking t-shirts


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And it doesn’t stop there. What better way to fuel your Facebook obsession, but to don a pair of these…

Facebook trainers!

Who would have thought it! (Well, Daniel Reese aka Brass Monki did, to be precise.) Gone are the days of shifting around a few colours upon your favourite style of trainer, now you can go all out and rock a pair of actual Facebook or Twitter branded sneakers – let those bad boys do all the talking!

We nearly have a full outfit here, stay tuned – the best is yet to come. Now, we know you secretly sit at home Facebooking in just your underwear…hey, whatever floats your boat! If this sounds like you, I’m pretty sure you need a pair of these…

haha...facebook pants.

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