The Winners – JAMAICA

The Jamaican 2012 Olympic team uniforms were designed by Cedella Marley (Bob Marley’s daughter and designer behind clothing label Catch A Fire) in collaboration with PUMA. We are loving the quintessentially Jamaican result, especially the pairing of the vibrant Jamaican national colours with the sleek and tailored shirts and jackets. Bonus points to them for the women’s printed leggings for their confidently flamboyant pattern and general difficult-to-wear-ability. 100m-world record holder Usain Bolt was roped in to model the uniform – and did so in his own typically understated way.

Jamaica's team wear and sports uniform

The Losers – SPAIN

Oh dear. You can always tell that something’s not quite right when you can’t get a real life person to model your national uniform. Spain inexplicably outsourced their uniform design to Russia. Russian manufacturer, Bosco – responded with this. Nice.


Spain's team wear and sports uniform

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This caught our eye recently at Icon Printing, as we actually print onto sportswear too, if you didn’t know? So this little gem didn’t go a miss.

name on the back of a football top

Inspired by the sports brand PUMA’s – “Make Football Anywhere” DIY campaign, London design studio GBH wanted to capture the “raw, passionate enthusiasm” of grass-roots football. Tape plays a pivotal role in amateur footy, from securing the nets to holding shin pads in place, so it seems appropriate that GBH has created PUMA’s new typeface out of gaffer tape.

name on the back of a football top

“The start point was to order 150 rolls of tape and begin experimenting with folding, ripping and sticking it into shapes, to form a full Roman alphabet and the all-important kit numerals,” GBH’s Jason Gregory.

name on the back of a football top

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