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The tech industry is well-versed in attending conferences and conventions. So it’s no surprise how many tech t-shirts we print each month.

We put together a round-up of some of our favourite tech merchandise designs from this past year.


We caught up with one of our clients, Myriam Achour from Soumati, to hear more about her studio, where she finds inspiration, and what it’s been like starting her own brand.

Myriam’s prints range from sentimental one-colour illustrations to complex tropical prints. Committed to sustainability and “slow fashion”, her range is always printed onto ethical garments with a focus on impact.


Starting a brand can be a daunting task, especially in a city like London where we are surrounded by countless designers and entrepreneurs trying to make their mark in the creative industry.

Whether it be through progressive designs or niche branding, the question stands, how is your brand going to stand out from the crowd?