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Whether it’s your first time designing a t-shirt, or you’re new to design all together… this is for you!


Graphic t-shirts look pretty simple, right? While designing a t-shirt can look easy-peasy, a common sticking point is choosing the right font.


As we love to say in the design world, ‘Less is More.’ Designing your company t-shirt doesn’t need to be overly-complicated, and in fact, it will probably turn out better if you keep things simple.


Graphic t-shirts are a forever-classic and designing your own doesn’t need to be overly complicated. We’ve gathered some of our favourite typography of late, to get you inspired before choosing that perfect font.


In the world of t-shirt printing and design, it takes something special to set oneself apart from the crowd. Here’s our selection of 6 t-shirt brands who are making their mark in the best possible way (more…)

We are super excited to announce that the overall winner of our 2013 Graduate T-shirt Design Contest is Dominic Kesterton, a recent Illustration graduate from Edinburgh College of Art. Dominic has won himself £1000 worth of printed t-shirts courtesy of IconPrinting and Continental Clothing; 1 years subscription to a Shopify store; a ASOS Marketplace boutique, plus mentorship from successful t-shirt brand Millionhands; exposure from It’s Nice That and Glug and business cards from Congratulations Dominic!

And the THREE runners-up are…


Here are our final four of eight finalists for our 2013 Graduate T-shirt Design Contest!

In case you missed us introducing our other four finalists, you can check them out here. They’re a super talented bunch! We shall be revealing the overall winner and two runners up later on this week.

Lydia Hannah Thomas t-shirt

Uni is now over, it feels…
Like I was a big fat hairy caterpillar, now, I’ve had lots of showers and lots of walks in the sunshine and I am now a beautiful butterfly ready to show the world my colours and style!

What advice would you give to your first term, first year self?
Experiment with everything, make mistakes, if you want to do something, do it. Don’t get bogged down and worried, just keep making beautiful pieces of work and it will work out! Never stop making!

A blog I’m loving at the moment, is…

The inspiration behind my t-shirt design entry came from…
One of my favourite films, with the best soundtrack “Garden State”

If you look inside my wardrobe you’d see…
My bright pink ski jacket (I don’t actually ski though).

When I have a moment spare I love to…
Run into the sea, then run out…because it’s too cold!

In five years I’d like to be…
Running my own screen printing and cupcake cafe with my boyfriend…maybe in New Zealand.


Lydia Hannah Thomas 2

To see more of Lydia’s work, check out her website or blog.

Freya Faulkner

When I was growing up I wanted to be… Exactly where I am right now. Growing up I was always pulled between my two passions, English Literature and Art. But I realised I would only ever be happy if I was working in a visually creative capacity. Art has always been my primary way of understanding things and expressing myself. It is the way I make sense of the world so I guess that I always knew I’d get to this point someday.

Uni is now over, it feels… Weird. Scary. Exhilarating. The training wheels have come off and I’m hitting the open road, but I’m ready for it.

When I’m in London, my favourite hang-outs are… That’s a difficult question to answer. I’ve been in London for a while and one of the reasons I love this city is because it’s always changing, that’s what keeps it fresh and exciting. But I’ve been living in Peckham for a few years now and I love it, so at the moment you’ll probably find me at the Bussey Building, in Bar Story or if the sun’s shining and the queue isn’t too long at Franks Campari Bar.

The inspiration behind my t-shirt design entry came from… Quantum Mechanics. The inspiration behind this design was my exploration of the Big Bang. I’m fascinated by the space where words fail or are inadequate and visual communication can bring a reality and immediacy to a concept. This design is about pure energy, expansion and the moment after the Big Bang called The Great Annihilation when matter and antimatter collided and sent each other into oblivion.

If you look inside my wardrobe you’d see… A raggle taggle eclectic bunch of clothing. Being a student isn’t easy so you have to get creative about fashion on a budget. Some days I love being covered head to toe in colourful, clashing prints, others I’m head to toe in black. It depends on my mood and what I’m doing. I do have a secret stash of incredible 1970s Liberty Print dresses but they don’t come out very often, you can’t screen print in 100% wool.

In five years I’d like to be… In my own studio, surrounded by colour, pattern and things that make me laugh, working on something I’m passionate about. I’ll probably be covered in ink trying to juggle emails, a deadline and a pint-sized cup of tea simultaneously with a big grin on my face.


Freya Faulkner 2

To see more of Freya’s work, check out her website or blog.

Nathalia Moore

Uni is now over, it feels…
Strange, but now I have a chance to create work without the sense of having a looming hand-in deadline and knowing that I no longer have to justify and explain why I’ve made the work. I know it will be tough to break into the illustration industry, but the hard work will eventually pay off.

My piece of advice for a new student would be…
Plan your time wisely! It’s not just about making nice piece of work. If you can’t meet a deadline you’ll tumble at the first hurdle. Make lists for EVERYTHING and it WILL get done.

The inspiration behind my t-shirt design entry came from…
Looking around the environment in which I live and seeing something beautiful in even the most ordinary objects or beings.

If you look inside my wardrobe you’d see…
Stripes, polka-dots, shades of blue and my battered ten year old Doc. Martins.

The best t-shirt I’ve ever seen would have to be…
A vintage turquoise and white Mickey Mouse t-shirt I bought in Brick Lane five years ago for a fiver. I love it to bits!


Nathalie Moore 2

If you would like to see more of Nathalie’s work, check out her website or blog.

Paolo Fiore


Uni is now over, it feels… like I’ve Jumped off a cliff and I’m still falling.


What advice would you give to your first term, first year self?
Don’t get wound up thinking and stressing too much about the future, let the process grow organically.


The inspiration behind my t-shirt design entry came from…
doing a 24 hour comic project, I became hooked on the idea of completing a project in a short space of time with no planning. I locked myself in the flat and powered for 24 hours using Youtube and news channels to fuel inspiration and subconscious responses on the page.


A blog I’m loving at the moment, is – Great illustrators who have helped me out with exposure since graduating. Pete recently approached me to help with a mural in Shoreditch for the New Blood closing party and I love his work!


What item of clothing could you not live without? Pants…


In five years I’d like to be… doing what i love doing and enjoying life.

Paolo Fiore 2

To see more of Paolo’s work, check out his website

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We recently held a super exciting t-shirt design competition that was open to all Art and Design students graduating this summer. To enter, each new grad just needed to submit a design they felt would look awesome on a t-shirt – it could be something they had already created or a completely new piece of artwork, it was that simple!