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These fantastic printed t-shirts aim to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital. Super exciting stuff! Here’s how they work…

Augmented Reality? What on earth is that!?

Augmented Reality allows you to point any mobile smartphone or tablet at a target (in this case, a printed t-shirt) and instantly be rewarded with a unique experience on your device. The trigger is basically the image that the camera (your iPhone, for example) recognises to launch the AR experience. It can be anything, from a logo on a flyer or photographs in a magazine, but what we’re pretty excited about is the t-shirt graphics that act as a AR trigger.

Who are Zappar?

Zappar are a Scottish design team that have taken the US by storm with a revolutionary new 3D t-shirt. Zappar was founded by Glaswegian game writer Kirk, 43, English marketing whiz Caspar Thykier, 38, Cambridge University computer engineers Simon Taylor, 28, and Connell Gauld, 23.

In less than a year, the Edinburgh based company sold nearly a million of their t-shirts, which “come alive” when viewed through a smart device. The tiny firm then went on to sign a deal with US supermarket giants Walmart. In June last year, Asda became the first UK retailer to carry a range of their t-shirts.

Developer Kirk Ewing, one of four pals behind the invention, reckons their experiments with Augmented Reality (AR) technology will change the world.

“AR will merge the real world with the computer world. It sounds scary but it will become second nature and we’re the first people to be doing things with it commercially. In the future, you will be able to wear special glasses and see ads coming out of shops and get the football scores off a stranger’s chest as you walk down the street.”

Augmented Reality t-shirt

We love the fact their printed t-shirts look like any others until they are viewed through a smartphone or tablet. Just by using a free app, the designs leap from the wearer’s chest in 3D and perform.

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Find it tricky deciding what to wear in the morning? Bored with what’s in your wardrobe? Come 2050, these could no longer be daily concerns, according to designer Joshua Harris.

3D printers are already appearing in garden sheds and garages around the world as hobbyists tinker and develop their own designs in the comfort of their own homes. But Joshua believes that using this technology to print out clothing will be the norm in the coming 40 years, as 3D printers take their place among other household appliances we use every day.

He believes this idea will revolutionise the fashion retail industry, as it brings clothing production into the home. Currently, the 3D Clothing Printer is just a concept but according to Joshua, making our own clothes at home; with less resources and in less time would become a necessity by 2050. As more and more people would migrate into the cities, the fashion trends would change and as a result people would start looking for new clothes.

“Being able to print your clothes in-house (literally) would mean there are no wasteful transportation costs, or factory costs associated with the clothes you buy,” he stated. “Not only is this saving you money, it’s saving the environment – a combination your rarely hear these days.”

So how is the Clothing Printer going to work?

The Clothing Printer would come with thread cartridges of different colors and you can use seven different cartridges at a time, that are placed inside the printer. According to Joshua, fashion designers can make cartridges for their clothes and once the user buys the cartridge they can then directly print them at home. In case you are bored of a particular cloth, you can put it back into the printer and it would be broken down into threads, these threads would then get into the cartridge and can be used in future.

Mr Harris’ design was placed in the semifinals of the annual Electrolux design competition in 2010 and the brief for contestants was to come up with a solution to deal with the rapid urbanisation of the population by 2050. It certainly would make our lives easier and our clothes more manageable. Sadly we’d be out of a job but just think of all the endless possibilities!

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Okay, so it may not actually be t-shirt weather right now, but we just can’t help ourselves! We’ve come up with our ultimate top five favourite festive printed t-shirts of 2012…

The Comedy Tee (see above)

This is a famous quote from the film Home Alone 2. Kevin is seen lip-syncing “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal…” – which is originally from the 1938 classic gangster film, Angels with Dirty Faces. This makes pretty awesome text for t-shirt artwork – all of us at Icon Printing would rock this design…

Available here.


screen printed t-shirt ideas and themes

We recently stumbled across these brilliant t-shirts by The and couldn’t help but love them. They sort of speak for themselves – but what really impressed us is that they’re so simple, yet very witty and very clever. It just shows you don’t have to think up long-winded, elaborate designs in order to create successful artwork for t-shirts.

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