Two members of Icon Printing were away recently…and we couldn’t possibly go on holiday without printing a holiday themed t-shirt could we!? Team Icon’s Alice and Chloe went to Croatia for Love System Festival, armed with two other BFFs and a few themed printed t-shirts…

love system festival

Right, first of all we just want to say that Love System Festival didn’t have anything to do with these t-shirts coming about, they were created by us, well…just for the heck of it really! I think it was mainly down to the pure excitement of the anticipated sunshine, frivolities and festival fun. Alex (Icon Printing boss man) very kindly said he’d put through a few t-shirts for our time away, so Chloe (that’s me…hi!) put together this little design and we got it direct to garment printed onto some lovely Continental tank tops and cropped t-shirts.

I quickly put together something that had a nice beachy, retro feel to it…with a sort of 90s vibe. I’m not quite sure why I decided on this, I think I felt it was quite fitting for the beach side festival we were about to attend. I knew I wanted my design printed onto white t-shirts and that I wanted to test the abilities of one of our most favoured print processes – Direct To Garment printing. My design started life as a bunch of scratchy letters, (see image below) and I was interested to see just how DTG printing would handle this detailed part of my design. And I have to say, I was seriously impressed with the outcome – but why wouldn’t I be!? This print technique really is pretty great. And will only keep on getting more great, as technology progresses.

love system festival

Now, unlike the picture postcard at the top suggests, we didn’t actually all rock up to the festival matching, this would have been a bit too much. However, my sister Nicole did turn up wearing her Continental Cropped T-shirt version and got spotted by the festival organizer, Danny – and he loved it! His face was a picture when he did a double take and realised it actually said Love System Croatia all over it and was specifically for the festival. Danny had probably spent a few sleepless nights and a bunch of crazy days putting this festival together (especially as it was the very first one!) and I guess he was probably pretty chuffed to see a t-shirt promoting his Love System “baby”.

love system festival

Overall, it was a brilliant four days of festival madness. The people really made it what it was, and no one cared one bit that it rained a little and that things were a teany weany bit disorganised. There was a floating stage over the bluest sea we’d ever seen, the boat parties were outstanding fun and I’m pretty sure everyone came away smiling and with 50+ new friends. What’s not to love about that, eh? Roll on next year I say!

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