It’s the time of month where we stalk the internet and present to you, our favourite things…

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1. Splatter Wallpaper by Hinson & Company

Makes the ol’ eyes hurt a tad, but in the best way possible! If you have a three year old, we’re pretty sure they could sort you out some of this awesome splatter wallpaper for free.

2. (Anything by…) Norse Projects

Norse Projects make an array of very attractive garms. Which are indeed, “good for all seasons”.

3. Lazy Oaf “Weirdo” Tote

Yet even more greatness by Lazy Oaf. We love this tote bag for its bold, two colour print – and for its obvious comedy value. On the summer wish list for sure!

4. Trophy “Wild Bicycle Holders”

Icon Printing Boss Man Alex, had just about enough of his bicycle getting in his way. He purchased one of these fancy animal head racks by Trophy. Cool, huh?

5. Print by Anthony Burrill

These typography based, framed screen prints make very wantable objects for the home. We love a good inspirational quote!

6. “Lies I Told And Liked” Note Pad

One of those things that you do not need, but have to have. By Need Supply.

7. Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse

Hotel Creative have recently designed graphics to support the redesign of Nike’s 1948 space in east London. Head there for all their “special stuff”.

8. Helvetitee

This has to be our favourite find of the month. Helvetitee is this very clever little site, where you can type whatever takes your fancy onto a plain white tee and then they print it for you. In Helvetica of course! We just love this site, nice work guys!

9. Quiet Life 5 Panel Cap

It is almost festival time and we’re getting into all over print 5 panel caps.

10. Elephant Magazine

Elephant is a beautiful quarterly on contemporary art and visual culture. They’ve got a pretty nice aesthetic going on…

11. Ciccio Sunglasses by Super

London is sunny these days, which is a very nice treat that one should not take for granted! Icon Printing’s Alice immediately dashed out and bought these from Goodhood. *high fives all round!*

Here’s what we were digging last month.

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Here at Icon Printing HQ, we are really into T-post (amongst other things, as you can see…) – we love what they do and how they do it, it’s one of the coolest monthly subs out there!

icon printing blog

1. T-Post

T-post have been around since 2004, and basically – it’s a wearable magazine. Genius. “It’s a streetwear brand heavily influenced by what’s happening around the world, combining stories with the best street culture medium ever invented, the graphic T-shirt.”

Other things we are enjoying this month are:

2. iPhone Case by EXOvault

Super sleek, ultra lightweight and totally minimalist in design. And another major bonus – is that it’s completely different to all the other cases out there! Available here.

3. The Material List

An attractive collection of all sorts of beautiful and inspiring objects, categorised by the material they were created in. Lovely.

4. “Hackney” Printed Tote

It seems only appropriate that we love this bag. This is because the whole of Icon Printing live in Hackney (not together, that would be weird) and also have a penchant for printed tote bags. LauraLovesThis is the talented designer behind this creation, she’s based in Brixton and has a website that is well worth checking out.

5. F**k Photoshop Pencil

It’s always good to go back to basics and reminisce about life before Photoshop. Owning this dear little pencil would be a delightful daily reminder.

6. Hypebeast Magazine

The Hypebeast blog is a firm fave in the office. But the printed, real life version is even better. Fashion and culture at its finest.

7. Alive & Well Snap-back Cap

Super awesome embroidered caps always catch our attention. Get this one here.

8. Tan Leather New Balance

Making the walk to work that little bit more fabulous. Available at Size.

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