There’s something about a band t-shirt. It’s either a statement of fandom or irony. Or just great taste in design!

A true band tee fan would say, “the more vintage a band t-shirt is, the better”. And we couldn’t agree more. A “real vintage” band printed t-shirt would not be right without the over-worn, discoloured look, alongside the odd rip or hole. We decided to create a gallery of our favourite printed band t-shirts, because they really do make some of the best screen printed t-shirts out there!

Most of these classic designs featured in our ultimate band tee collection are from the 70’s and 80’s. This made us realise just how much of a dying art this band t-shirt affair is. Another thing that is also apparent is just how sought after these band t-shirts are – with some of the true vintage tees going on eBay for an incredible £250.

best band t-shirts

These band t-shirts make timeless wardrobe staples. Not only are these t-shirts statements of personal aesthetic, they’re also souvenirs of particular events, moments and memories.

best band t-shirts

Most of the t-shirts featured above available on eBay and Etsy. Many can also be picked up on specialist vintage sites, such as Beyond Retro. Or you can Direct To Garment print your own band t-shirt with us! Get in touch.

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