Setting up an online shop to sell your band merch has never been easier. We compare the best places to flog your t-shirts and records.

If the Grateful Dead taught us one thing, it was the power of merch. Fans of the band would design and sell bootleg t-shirts outside concerts back in the 70s, and almost fifty years on Grateful Dead t-shirts remain iconic. With DIY fashion culture on a high, not to mention fan (or stan!) culture, so is demand for merch.

Here at ICON Printing we know just how much selling merch can be a lucrative (and fun) way to make extra cash for your band and, thanks to a number of online platforms, its never been easier. We’ve rounded up some of the best sites to sell your band merch online – from Big Cartel to Everpress.

The best websites for selling band merch

  1. Big Cartel
  2. Shopify
  3. Bandcamp
  4. Everpress
  5. Summary

Simian Mobile Disco Kate Moross tshirt

Big Cartel

Designed for independent creators (and fully independent in its own right), Big Cartel makes it easy to set up shop and start selling. Big Cartel has a huge following – over a million people have set up shop with it since it was founded in 2005 – so you’re in good company. It’s particularly geared towards artists and the stripped down aesthetic lets your work shine through.

Key features

Who is Big Cartel best for?

Artists and independent creatives looking to sell a range of products

selling band merch online? these are the best websites to do it


The big competitor to Big Cartel, what it lacks in hipness it makes up for in features. Shopify boasts a wide range of themes, full access to HTML and CSS for customisation and unlimited products and bandwidth. It also offers a huge range of integrations and is often praised for its customer service. The only downside is it costs slightly more than Big Cartel.

Key features

Who is Shopify best for?

Serious sellers looking for a high spec online sales platform


Described by the New York Times as “one of the greatest underground-culture bazaars of our time,” Bandcamp is undoubtedly the online spiritual homeland of independent music. The platform – used by hundreds of thousands of artists and thousands of labels – is a vital platform for selling and promoting your music, from digital releases, to records, to merchandise.

Key features

Who is Bandcamp best for?

Musicians, bands, producers looking to sell music and merch on a platform designed with them in mind

want to sell band merch online? here are the best websites to do it


Icon’s sister company, Everpress was always going to get an honorary mention here. Offering an alternative to the usual merch model, Everpress gives creatives the chance to start selling with no upfront costs or risks. Upload your design, choose the garments you want it printed on and you’re ready to start selling. If you sell more than five garments, they’ll go to print (but there’s no limit to how many you can sell).

Key features

Who is Everpress best for?

Bands and artists that want to sell to their community without any upfront costs

want to sell band merch online? here are the best websites to do it


There is a great mix of websites that can help you sell your band merch online. Big Cartel is the obvious choice for those keen to be part of a community of creative makers, while Shopify is worth the investment if you expect your business to grow quickly. Bandcamp is perfect for musicians and a logical choice if you are also selling music or records, while Everpress is risk-free option to sell t-shirts or merch without any upfront cost.

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