Ground-breaking social entertainment brand Bounce are bringing ping pong to the forefront of nights out. We were contacted and asked us to print some t-shirts for their staff.

We caught up with Bounce’s Marketing Manager Ryan Price to learn more about ping pong, printing and brand identity.

Q. What’s the story behind Bounce?

A. Bounce, The Home of Ping Pong, is an all-inclusive social entertainment experience, which combines a fun and high-energy activity with a quality night out. It is the world’s largest and leading venue to offer the unique experience, taking the humble ping pong table from the back corner of a bar and making it the main offering of the venue, whilst creating an intricately thought-out hospitality experience that rivals any in London and worldwide.

Bounce Venue

Above: Bounce’s Farringdon venue in full swing

Q. Tell us about the celebrity games you’ve hosted.

A. Bounce has hosted countless games for celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Olly Murs and Kevin Spacey, to name just a few.

Q. How important is identity to your brand?

A. Identity is massively important to a brand such as ours and we take pride in our values. We’re all about being fun and authentic whilst delivering the highest level of experience possible.

Bounce staff

Above: Bounce staff sporting their ICON-printed polo shirts

Q. How does this translate to clothing?

A. Every element of Bounce must reflect our identity, therefore it was important for us to work with a company like ICON, who deliver premium quality clothing that our staff are happy to wear.

Q. What’s next for Bounce?

A. After the recent opening of our second home in Shoreditch, Bounce is now expanding across the pond. We will be opening a new venue in Chicago in Spring 2016.

The Bounce

Bounce staff

Check out their website for more info! Bounce Ping Pong