The iconic Polo Shirt holds an all important opportunity to present value and status of not only the shirt, but it’s owner. For years, the shirt accompanied by an embroidered logo has created the chance to show the hierarchy within male or female social groups. The designer Ralph Lauren’s emblem, for example, shows power and conveys the strong powerful sport whereas the Fred Perry logo polo shirt is perhaps less coveted. Ralph Lauren first released the world famous polo shirt with the polo logo in 1972 which became a classic fashion staple and was available in a wide variety of 24 colours.
Ralph Lauren’s polo shirt embroidery depicts a horse and polo player, representing the elite and powerful sport. Ultimately if you are of a higher class, this shirt would promote that. Polo shirts used to be worn only by the players of the sport, however now it’s popularity has grown and become a clothing item worn by the people watching the sport as well as by the general public.
The polo shirt allows luxury, style and comfort which is why it is a key item to have in your wardrobe! With the smart-casual personality of the shirt, it can be worn with either smart trousers or the more laid back option of jeans. The diversity of the product is what makes the clothing such a popular item.

Here at Icon Printing, our polo shirt embroidery is simple to arrange. Choose a polo shirt from our variety of colours and fabrics (there’s one for both men and ladies) and get a quote for your chosen embroidered logo or combine embroidery with t shirt printing.

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