We’re often asked about the best way to wash and care for your printed or embroidered clothing.

So we’ve put together a few tips you can pass along to your team members, retail shoppers, or event attendees.

While the quality of your garments will definitely affect the long-term durability, there are some simple tips that can help keep your custom clothing looking fresh over time.


For both white and dark coloured shirts, make sure you’re washing the garments inside out in cool water. Embroidered clothing could even benefit from a hand-wash in your sink for extra care.

As far as drying, hang drying would be best, but if you’d like to put them through the machine make sure it’s on a delicate setting.

Lastly, as mum always said… Wash like colours together rather than mixing colours and whites.

Enjoy your next laundry day! Feel free to reach out if you have further questions.