How WeWork works it

Are you wondering how t-shirts could be of use to your team and/or company? Here’s how a global coworking company uses t-shirts to build their brand.

Wework was founded eight years ago and has grown into an internationally-known company in a short time. One of the things we admire about them is how well they’ve built their brand around a sense of community.

Coworking spaces are often started as a way to connect entrepreneurs with one another and create a supportive network for new- and small businesses.

As part of their new member strategy, when anyone joins a coworking or office space they’re given a Wework shirt, like these Creator tees we screen print for them. If the t-shirts  get worn out and about with pride – it can only add to the growth and promotion of the business.

But really (and this is why we love it) it’s a great way to welcome in new members – and a neat way to show you’re part of the community.

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