T-shirt Transfer printing is one of four customisation techniques we offer here at Icon Printing. This print method suits some end requirements more than others, but what is impressive – is the range of effects and finishes that are available. Almost any kind of print effect (from colour to texture) is achievable on most fabric types.

As a result, this print method is used extensively on sportswear. For example, “hi vis” lettering/light reflective artwork can be Transfer Printed to Lycra® cycling shorts, to create a strong, effective bond. Finishes such as neon and florescent colours are also easily achieved too, as are: glitter, metallic (see image below) and flock effects.

Transfer Printing is great for “one off” t-shirts for events or gifts, as it requires very little set up work. We find our customers often go for this print option when doing t-shirts for Stag or Hen Parties. Every time you see a football shirt or sports team wear, the names and numbers are always Transfer Printed on these garments, as it adheres well to the fabric composition of sports garments.

How it works…

Your design, (bold logos or text Transfer Print best) is applied to and then cut out of a sheet of transfer vinyl using a special machine. This is the vinyl that is available in all sorts of colours and finishes. The cut-out sections of artwork is then placed onto the garment and then heat sealed at a high temperature. Unlike t-shirt screen printing, where the ink absorbs slightly into the garment, transfers sit on top of the garment. This means they look sharp and bright because the garment base colour does not affect the design.

Just to sum up, Transfer Printing is best for…

We require artwork to be vector outlined for Transfer Printing, so ideally an .ai, .eps or vector based PDF. All text must be converted to outlines.

Icon Printing are based in Shoreditch, London and are t-shirt transfer printing and t-shirt screen printing specialists. For more information of for an instant quote, please visit our website.