Writing a guest blog on Icon Printing is somewhat of a busman’s holiday for us at Diginate. T-Shirt and sticker printing have a big overlap on the venn diagram of print-based marketing and promotion, and we know that Icon approach their work with the same customer focus and enthusiasm for the final product that we do at Diginate.

We know that stickers and T-shirts are both great promotional tools, and that they’re fun, tactile products that people have a lot of love for. They both have strong followings in street culture, but you’ll also find them working in harmony at conferences, trade-shows and corporate events the world over.
Finding parallels is easy, so we started to wonder what the key differences between stickers and t-shirts are.  The results of this extensive research is detailed below:

Stickers are not suitable attire for dress down friday

Don’t even entertain the idea of a couple of strategically placed stickers in lieu of more traditional fabric-based attire. For 10 months of the year you’ll be extremely cold, and you won’t have a job any more.

You can’t fix errors in your Annual Report with T-shirts

Fixing typos, mis-labelled diagrams and erroneous dates in already-printed annual reports with tiny stickers is the world’s oldest profession. Don’t attempt this with a T-Shirt – it won’t match the paper, and if anything, will draw attention to your mistake.

Everyone can use the same size sticker

If you’ve ever purchased clothing for yourself you’ll know it’s a total nightmare. It’s crucial to get the right size – otherwise the clothing you’ve bought will be either too ‘big’ or too ‘small’. You’ll be a laughing stock amongst your peers. As for buying clothing for somebody else? Well, you may as well just forget about it. Fortunately, stickers use a one-size-fits-all strategy. Big people can use small stickers, and small people can use big stickers. It’s a totally egalitarian system.

There’s no such thing as a wet sticker competition

All the stickers we produce at Diginate are waterproof.

When your sticker gets old and knackered you can’t cut it up and use it to clean your car

There’s nothing quite like removing the roadkill form your Vauxhall Astra on a Sunday morning with the tattered remains of a1994 Shed Seven tour tee, M-People’s ‘Elegant Slumming’ on the stereo, reminiscing on better times. Try this with the tattered remains of a sticker and you’ll just get adhesive everywhere.
So that you can discover the many differences between stickers and T-shirts for yourself we’re giving away £150 of free print from Diginate. You can use it for stickers, posters, art prints, or a combination of all three. Check out the prize draw below for your chance to win: