Full power promotion

How do you turn a 5000-year old spiritual practice into an industry worth tens of billions of pounds? Yoga now has millions of devotees all over the world, thanks to the explosion of online videos, apps, and studio classes. Once seen in the UK as a hippyish fad for hemp-wearers, over the past decade or so, clever marketing has transformed yoga into one of the coolest mainstream fitness trends.

Now, studios like Triyoga, Frame and Good Vibes are attracting tens of thousands of new students, by promoting yoga as something everyone can do. With stylish marketing material, affordable introductory offers, and a strong social presence, these brands and more like them prove that yoga can be both good vibes, and good business. Here’s the no-sweat guide to promoting your own studio.

yoga marketing

Make it accessible

The prospect of joining a yoga class can be daunting, particularly for first time students, people who are older or less able-bodied. They might imagine studios to be unwelcoming — full of perfectly poised, slim, self-righteous yogis in advanced headstands, while they struggle through their first downward dog. It’s with the idea of challenging these misconceptions that Triyoga has created its “Everyone can Triyoga” video series — a beautifully-shot collection of interviews with students of many ages, abilities and body types.

yoga marketing

Have a USP

Whether it’s FLY Ldn’s cinema-screen yoga, Chroma Yoga’s colour-drenched classes, sessions inside a heated pod, or in a Masonic temple, many yoga classes now come with an added novelty factor. It helps them get attention in the press and on social media. But if all-out gimmicks aren’t your style, don’t worry — a few simple changes can make your brand distinctive — like changing the colour of your logo, or offering a bold new smoothie flavour at your in-house cafe. Guava, strawberry and wheatgrass? Sure, we’ll try it!

yoga marketing

Offer package deals

With so many yoga studios to choose from, price is really important. Many yoga students are perpetually flip-flop between studios that offer the best introductory rate, “come back” deal, or 6-month package. So no matter how excellent your product, you’ve got to offer discounts. For example, look at Fold Yoga’s unlimited 14-day class for £20 for new members, and The House of Yoga’s 30 days for £35. Reel students in with a great deal, and then make sure your facilities and teaching are so good that they couldn’t bear to leave.

Print t-shirts or merch

Everyone wants to feel and look great when they’re in a yoga class. Worrying about our leggings giving us a wedgie while we’re in downward dog, or our crop top riding up during a sun salutation means we’re not mentally focused on the yoga practise itself. Now, the best studios are combatting that worry by producing their own specially-designed clothing ranges – a win-win situation that also builds customer loyalty, and helps promote the studio to potential new customers. We’ve printed merch and athleisure wear for a range of yoga and fitness studios – including BLOK, which recently produced a range of monochrome crops (pictured above) in collaboration with Puma. Other faves include Y-7 Studio’s tie-dye tees, Sky Ting’s awesome hoodies, and Frame’s cheerful 80s-inspired collection. 

yoga marketing

Build a community on social media

It’s obvious, but really important, to build up your following on social. On Instagram alone, #yoga has been used around 70 million times, so make sure you’re in on the action — whether that’s posting silly photoshoots with your team, using Facebook Live or Insta Stories to bring your followers “into the studio”, sharing funny or inspirational quotes, or doing interviews with teachers.

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